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1. Ticket. The ticket type commonly used for the normal entrance. You can add as many tickets as you want.

2. Free Ticket. If you are organizing an event that is free, you can use this kind of ticket. No charges. Free events are always free!

3. Donation. You can set a fixed amount for your guests. You choose the type “Ticket” and rename it to “Donation”. You can choose whether the fee will be included or not.

4. Voucher. This is an option that you can add for example if you want your guests to buy food or drinks vouchers in advance. You choose the type “Ticket” and rename it for example to “Drink voucher”. You can choose whether the fee will be included or not.

You can check-in tickets using our TicketBoss app for organizers or using the guest list that you can download in Excel format.

With TicketBoss app, you can:

• Keep statistics on the number of tickets purchased, number of scanned and unscanned tickets.

• Check in multiple guests at the same time. For example, if a guest bought five tickets at a time, you can scan one of the purchased tickets, then you can check all remaining tickets with a single button press, if the number of people in the company corresponds with the number of tickets purchased.

• You can use multiple smartphone simultaneously which synchronizes all data between each other.

• The app can scan tickets offline and therefore needs no Internet connection at all times. During bad coverage at the entrance you can log in to the app wherever there is a good connection and then download the entire guest list so you can scan the tickets without caring about internet connectivity. But there is a drawback when there is no coverage at the entrance. If you use two smartphones, then they have no ability to sync between each other and that means one smartphone can’t see the tickets the second smartphone scanned. Tip, just use a single smartphone if there is no coverage at the entrance.

Download our app from Google Play or App Store for easy scanning of tickets with your smartphone or tablet.

Yes, this is easily done when you create or edit your tickets. You can select the date and time, your tickets will go on sale.

If you want more information from your guests associated with the ticket you can easily add questions that interest you under “Specific information”. You can create unlimited numbers of questions, but remember to keep it simple for the customer. Too many questions can be difficult to answer, which in turn can lead to reduced sales.

You can create question per purchase, per ticket or for each ticket purchased.

Summary of the answers can be found under “Guest List”, which you can download in Excel format.

All organizers are responsible for paying tax. When you create tickets, you can select the current VAT rate for your ticket.

You create an “Access code” for the “Hidden Tickets”.

“Hidden tickets” are used for those types of tickets that requires an extra information or, for instance, to reserve a places for special guests.

The “Hidden ticket” is not visible to your guests at checkout without an “Access Code”.

Yes, absolutely! Discount codes are a very good marketing tool. See documentation on how to create discount codes here.

It is impossible to delete tickets that are already sold.