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TicketBoss account for organizers

Right now TicketBoss is collaborating with Payson. More payment systems such as Swish and PayPal will soon be available.

Do you want to add more payment systems? Contact us at support@ticketboss.se

You can read more about TicketBoss here or try all our features for yourself in our free Demo for 24 hours.

TicketBoss is free to use. You register at no cost and can create as many events as you want. When you sell tickets, we charge a service fee for banking and card payments or administration when using our invoice systems. In other words, you only pay us when you get paid.

Service charge for banking and card payment is 4% + 4 SEK per ticket.

Service fee for the invoice system is 1% + 1 SEK per ticket, at least 5 SEK per invoice.

It’s always up to you to decide whether you want to include or add the service fee on the ticket price. Whatever your choice, it’s your customers who pay the fee.

Free Tickets? It is completely free to use TicketBoss, as long as you do not charge for the tickets. For example, use TicketBoss to create a guest list for your private or corporate events, school parties or sport events to keep track of guests and number of vacancies.

Additional payment options like PayPal and Swish will be available soon.