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When you create an event you can assign an e-mail address belonging to this event. All your customers can send you messages directly from the event page which is then forward to the specified e-mail address.

The guest list is located on the left side of the administration panel in each event.

The list of email addresses can be found under “My clients” available from the menu in the administration panel. You can download the list of email addresses belonging to the event or the list of all your customers email addresses.

If you want more information from your guests associated with the ticket you can easily add questions that interest you under “Specific information”. You can create unlimited numbers of questions, but remember to keep it simple for the customer. Too many questions can be difficult to answer, which in turn can lead to reduced sales.

You can create question per purchase, per ticket or for each ticket purchased.

Summary of the answers can be found under “Guest List”, which you can download in Excel format.